Our Infrastructure business solution expertise includes interiors,workspace building management solution,passive and active network, electrical, generators,UPS,air conditions, fire system, access controls

Welcome To Mark One

Welcome to Mark One Often it takes up a signification portion of time and efforts of the managment team to get ther work space ready. A Call Center IT company or any office space requires a well thought out integrated planning of infrastructure with a execution team that is fast an effective. It is important that the execution team understands the business application to implement an effective and timely execution.


Infrastructure Solutions

An organization built to scale and manage business infrastructure and processes. Managing network and business infrastructure has become extremely vital to the survival and growth of companies.
It takes up a significant time, efforts and costs of business to keep the basic office infrastructure in place. Many businesses are outsourcing infrastructure management, thereby optimizing the use of their critical IT resources for their core business and also having the advantage of have a professional company take care of all non IT infrastructure too. Leading companies utilize facilities built and managed by Mark One, we have created plug-and-play development centers/office infrastructure to suit the need of our clients.